Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation Finds!

This month I escaped from the Texas heat and went to relax on the Florida coast with my hubby and kids. While checking off the local to do's I stumbled upon the artwork of Georgia Artist, Kelley Ash. Her pieces are absolutely Adelante... so of course, I picked my favs and brought them back to Texas! I even custom ordered 4 of her "Party Bird" pieces for my family!!

Bright colors, youthful imagery, sweet little sayings, embellished with vintage fabric from the 70's atop wooden frames! All of her pieces are one of a kind. Custom your own Party Bird (choose color, name and size)at Adelante as a souvenir for your next fiesta or just to add a little fun to your white walls! Party Birds range from $70-$85.

Pictured above are a few of the pieces you will find on the walls of Adelante.. More to come in the next few weeks!!


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  1. Tricia, I live in Fredericksburg and used to shop with Adelante when Pat had the store. I wish I could get there more often, but still count it as one of my favorite shops ever. I just read about "Curb Service" on Design Sponge and wanted to tell you that I think it is just about the coolest concept I have ever heard of!! Best of luck to you!! Ann Williams

    P.S. Also, love the Georgia artist you found!