Thursday, May 31, 2012

Looking back: Tricia's Week with Iris

As you know, Tricia went to New York City last week with the University of Texas at Austin's Textile and Apparel department. Her trip was a whirlwind and now she is back and has tales to tell!

Tricia loved every second of her trip, so picking which of her favorites to share with you was one hard task. She met many people and companies from various aspects of the industry and got an in-depth look at the fashion world from a personal point of view. "The trip was so inspirational, even though it was geared to the students and meant to inspire them, it was such an exhilarating experience it even inspired every adult in the room. Being that close to such influential people in the industry is a pinch me moment. I could hardly believe everything was actually happening," Tricia said.

Tricia met Carlos Falchi, the designer between the infamous luxury handbag brand and the designer who often creates bags to compliment high end fashion lines. The friendly man was welcoming and so excited to have the students and teachers.

Falchi and Iris-how precious! 
Tricia also met Harold Koda, the Chief Curator of The Costume Institute. He gave a behind the scenes look at the planning and execution of the Costume Institute's Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations Exhibit. "Miuccia Prada is the Italian representative of intellect in fashion" and "Elsa Schiaparelli [is] the designer who embraced Surrealism in the 1930s and who died in 1973."

Another one of Tricia's favorite experiences was meeting Jenna Lyons, the Creative Director of J. Crew. That's right....J. Crew. With Lyons were the designers and graphic designers of the classic company. Tricia loved this because, "It was like meeting the brains who dress America. It was so amazing. Even their offices sparkled with creativity. Such a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Iris Apfel in front of Bergdorf Goodman
Well I hope everyone has had a good week thus far! Any specific questions about Tricia's trip? Leave us a comment and we will get back to you!

Such a fabulous lady. Photo from here
-The Adelante Girls

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Window Wednesday

Hope everyone's having a lovely Wednesday! To add that extra spark to your day, today is Adelante's ever so coveted Window Wednesday. Every Wednesday, we change our window displays to showcase new merchandise, trends, and outfits!

So without further ado, we give you our top 3 outfit picks in our windows for the week!

This week we'd like to pinpoint the statement necklace. Sometimes, a necklace is all it takes to get your stylish point across and quite frankly, I'm thinking it's the way to go. Because why go through all the trouble of telling people your fabulous when you've got a cute necklace to do it for you?

Stay Stylish,

The Adelante Girls

Friday, May 25, 2012

Outfit for the Day: Memorial Day Edition

Alas! The day has come! The Memorial Day Sale has commenced. Come shop at Adelante and enjoy an extra 20% off of sale merchandise. The sale has begun today and will last through Monday, May 28th.

However speaking of Memorial Day, let's play some word association, shall we? What does one think of when we say Memorial Day? Patriotism, the US Armed Forces, barbecues, picnics, and etc.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday to remember all the men and women who have served for our country. The general celebration involves outdoor festivities or just a fun day with friends and family. And what does a fun day with friends and family entail? Well, a new outfit of course! Here's Adelante's  outfit pick: Memorial Day Edition.
1. The Top: Fate, $51
2. The Shorts: Red Engine, $108
3. The Cami: Michael Star
4. The Necklace: Adelante, $53

Stay Stylish!

The Adelante Girls 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trend Spotting: Mint

When thinking of some of the hottest trends for spring and summer, color is definitely leading the pack. But mint is holding a special place in my heart currently. It's so fresh, clean, yet fun. It goes with a ton of colors and is a sure fire way to make you look effortlessly fabulous. Here are some of the fun mint items I am currently loving here at Adelante...

1. Brown Wedge
2. Mint Bib Necklace- $28
3. Mint Striped Top- $41
4. Mint Pants- $128
5. Mint Solid Top- $30

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week!

-The Adelante Girls

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picking Out Summer Tops

Hello everyone! Hope your Wednesday has been spectacular! I felt the need to do some serious shopping yesterday (which really is a need I feel more often than actually necessary) and I had an epiphany or realization, if you will. Sometimes I just forget about buying cute tops. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love me some cute tops. However I feel like I get so frazzled and consumed trying to find the perfect pair of jeans or shorts that I forget all about my upper half.

So, to save us all from neglecting the region above our torso, here's some cute tops Adelante style

1. Fate teal tops, $48
2. Joy Joy orange/pink top, $99
3. Fate Red Crochet top, $69
4. Flying Tomato yellow lace top, $40

*Also quick announcement to our fabulous Adelante shoppers, we will be having a Memorial Day Sale from May 26-28th! Come in and enjoy an extra 20% off of our sale merchandise!*

Stay stylish everyone!

The Adelante Girls

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Perfect Home Accessory

At Adelante, it's obvious we love clothes. But have you checked out our sweet home collection? I know we touched base last week with some pretty rad pillows, but beyond that, what's another way to spruce up a room you ask?---Lamps.

Lamps are a quick and easy way to greatly transform the appearance of any room. Adding color, balance, shape and texture are some of the many ways a lamp can accessorize your room!

Check out this fabulous lamp that we are currently loving in a perfectly modern meets festive pairing:

So darling! 

This lamp will brighten any room and make sure to bring a smile to your face everyday! After all, who doesn't love rainbow embroidery? I mean...really??

-The Adelante Girls

Monday, May 21, 2012

Adelante's Weekly Essentials

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! For this edition of Adelante's Weekly Essentials, we steer away from clothing and hop to a personal favorite of mine-perfumes. I love perfumes and I am always searching for my signature scent. If you're not familiar with Tokyo Milk's Dead Sexy Perfume, you're missing out. It is a crowd pleaser, with just enough mixture of sweet deep vanilla and exotic wood musk to pair with any occasion.  All our girls love it and we can hardly keep it in stock. Come in and see why this is the perfect scent to add to your collection. (Because let's be honest-you have a collection.) 

Small enough to carry anywhere. 

-The Adelante Girls

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Night Date Night

It's Friday! You made it through the week! And as a reward for such, you deserve to go out tonight. So grab your man and head out to one of Austin's hotspots. Unsure of where to go? Try a great burger joint, maybe Hopdoddy's or Cover 3. Dinner not your thing? Just go walk up and down South Congress, the views alone make for a great place to date. For your date try something casual, but still cute. Put together, but not like you tried so hard. For example:

Adelante's own creation. 
See? How adorable. The fun orange color is a great pop of color, after all, it's a date, keep things fun! The turquoise necklace is a perfect accent. Keep that in mind, turquoise is a great staple item to compliment many colors. Then, pair the top with a great pair of khaki trouser shorts. They'll be comfy and show off some leg. :) Wave your hair, maybe add a braid and then strap on those incredible tan wedges you have and go have some fun! After all, it's Friday!

-The Adelante Girls

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Sandals

What a glorious summer day we're having today in Austin! I woke up this morning with every intention of sitting by the pool and enjoying the cloudless sunny day, and I definitely succeeded. However with all of this lounging I couldn't help but think of all the new things I'd need to get to kickstart my summer wardrobe. First and foremost is: the sandal

The perfect summer sandal is essential, and with all of the choices out there, it can be a daunting task. You've got the gladiators, flip flops, thong sandals, ankle strap sandals, and etc. You've got quite the choices and since you'll probably be wearing them daily, you need to think this through. I mean let's be honest, if you're going to have a crazy tan line from your sandal, it had better be a cute sandal. Am I right? 

Here are some of our favorites for the season!

1. Sam Edelman Contrast Ankle Strap Sandal, $94
2. Report Flip Flop with Disc, $41
3. Dolce Vita Knotted Thong Flat Sandal, $68
4. BC Thong Sandal, $53

Stay Stylish and happy shopping!

The Adelante Girls

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Off to New York!

Happy Wednesday! I have some exciting news to pick up your week! Tricia will be traveling to New York next week with the Textile and Apparel department of the University of Texas on a once in a lifetime educational adventure!

The UT in NYC program is headed by Mrs. Nancy Prideaux, a professor at UT Austin and due to great networking and amazing opportunities, the group is lead by UT visiting professor and "The Rare Bird of Fashion" herself, Iris Apfel. Iris is very well known and respected in the fashion industry, known for her unique combination of haute couture and costume jewelry.

During their time in New York they will meet with many industry leaders and get a rare chance to have a one on one interaction with powerful influencers of fashion. From design to production to public relations and marketing, the lucky students will get a comprehensive look at what it means to be in fashion.

The Rare Bird herself. Photo from here
Every year the program grows and the experiences become more unbelievable and special. Check out this video from a past UT in NYC to get a taste for what Tricia will have the pleasure of experiencing.

We are very excited for Tricia and can not wait to update y'all on how her trip went! Be looking for updates and recaps!

-The Adelante Girls

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tips for a Glamourous Graduation

Hello everybody! Now if you're anything like the Adelante team, you don't really need an excuse to engage in some serious shopping...but having an excuse makes it all the better (and justifies the extra lines on your credit card bill, but that's irrelevant) So today's topic of choice? Graduation! It's arrived! For all of you fabulous seniors, it's time to go out with style and say good-bye to your undergraduate life in an outfit that says, "Hello world, I'm now an adult! Look at my cute dress!" 

However, don't think you need to be graduating to engage in materialism! Friends and family of the happy graduates have more than enough reason to go out and get a new rockin' ensemble. You have to look equally stylish to join in on the celebration, and that's where WE come in. 

We've got some great dresses that will keep you cool in the hot Texas weather and keep you cool in other ways. Take a look!

Collective Concepts, $70

Karlie, $108

AaronB, $88

MM Couture, $84

Happy dress shopping everyone! 

- The Adelante Girls

Monday, May 14, 2012

Adelante's Weekly Essentials

Hello, my lovely Austinites! How’s everyone’s Monday going? Should we just go ahead and keep that a rhetorical question? Well, no worries it’s almost over and there’s only 125 hours, 45 minutes, and 20 seconds left until we can officially deem the season summer. Not that I’m counting or anything.  But if you’re anything like the Adelante team, the most important aspect of summer’s pending arrival is the updates to your wardrobe. So to make your life easier (and more stylish, obviously), we’re going to provide you with our favorite items for the week!

1. Michael Star tank, $40
2. Bernardo sandals, $132
3. Yellow beaded necklace, $75
4. Kenny tribal print shorts, $143

Stay stylish,

The Adelante Girls

Friday, May 11, 2012

Farrah B

Good morning! Miss me yesterday? I have news...TODAY'S THE DAY! The Farrah B trunk show I talked about last week starts today! It is today and tomorrow, Saturday the 12th from 10 a.m. to 5:30 each day!

Farrah Brother's, the designer behind the brand creates individual pieces of art by "giving life to antique and vintage finds." The jewelry is made in America and Farrah makes unique pieces that each radiate an undeniable passion. The designer truly loves what she does and we are so excited to have her in store!

Beautiful blue gem ring made with 1940s glass. 

Darling cowboy boot. 

The designer has a wide selection of jewelry, so swing on by to meet her and see what she is all about!

*Photos from designer's website


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For the Bath

Life is stressful. It can be stressful for seemingly no reason or it can be stressful because you're about to pull your hair out due to a statistics final on Saturday night...although that is probably just me. No matter what you're going through little things can make your day better. So when you're feeling super stressed or overwhelmed, grab your favorite bath time remedies. Anyone use Barr & Co products? They are darling in their vintage-esque packaging and simple look.

Fancy soap. 

Bath salts. 

Bath elixir.

These luxury soaps and lotions are the perfect addition to not only a stressful day, but a gift. Mom, graduate or that favorite teacher of yours. Teacher Appreciation Day is tomorrow, May 10th! Go appreciate that teacher and get them something luxurious. After all, they deserve it. Without teachers, the kids would be home all day!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For the Home

So lately I have been talking about personal products for you (or a loved one) but now I'd like to turn the attention to a love of mine...pillows. Yes, pillows. Do you share or even understand why I love pillows so much? They are an easy way to add some much needed flare to that couch/bed/chair of yours without having to go buy new furniture! They can set the mood or make a room more cohesive, simply by adding that extra color or print to tie in the whole room. Not to mention, they are a great accessory when watching a scary movie (or crying from watching The Notebook for the fiftieth time...) 

First up, Trina Turk pillows. I die. They are beautiful. And not only that, but they are really, truly, so comfortable and soft. Perfect for many size seats and other various places of seating.

So many pillows! 
So precious mixed with other shapes! Also, I love this couch. 
See? They fit nicely on a mid-sized couch, there is still room for you know, yourself and a friend, but it doesn't look empty and sad. Have a bigger couch? Get more pillows. Mix and match the patterns for fun flare!

Other than Trina Turk pillows, we have festive fiesta pillows at Adelante! They come in different sizes, as seen above, paired with the Trina Turk pillows, and would look great in a variety of settings. Even on an enclosed outdoor patio with the rad straw furniture and favorite summer cocktail to survive the heat, they would bring such life to the setting.

Fun border detail!

Hippo! Flowers! 
How adorable are these fiesta pillows? I'm obsessed. Now, only a few of the pillows got featured, so make sure you go check out the other prints available, it will be worth it, promise!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Give me MOR

Britney Spears reference? No? Okay. My age is showing... embarrassing. Regardless of the failed pun attempt, you really should check out MOR cosmetics/soaps in store, they are darling. They come in a range of colors and scents. Along with being adorably packaged, they make a fun, creative gift that isn't your everyday Bath & Body Works.

So pretty! 
I love this gift set. The pink, the black, the gold. It smells really good, too! Also, take all those products out (soap, lip balm and lotion I believe) and use that tin to hold your favorite trinkets! Maybe some festive jewelry? Or even a stationary kit? The possibilities are endless. I wouldn't say no if someone gave me a MOR tin.

Honey Nectar candle and precious soap! 

Soaps, lip balms, stationary! 
There are a variety of options for that grad or mom waiting for you! You can create your own gift set by picking and choosing the scents and kinds of products that will be perfect for your person. Come in to Adelante and we can even gift wrap it for you, topping it with colorful ribbon and festive flowers, perfect for Spring!

Happy Monday!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meet...Amanda Sterett

Until Mother's Day, I'll be showing you some gifts for mom or anyone else that may have a special day coming up! This includes graduation, wedding showers, a gift for yourself...whatever. Today I'd like to turn everyone's attention to Amanda Sterett, specifically the Amanda Sterett earrings.

Amanda Sterett is a Texas Tech University graduate who worked at Ralph Lauren for several years before taking a wire wrapping class and beginning the work of hand making beautiful jewelry, strongly influenced by color. Her creations are fun, light and definitely a treasure to all who own them. They are special enough to give alone, but small enough to be a piece to center the entire gift around. After all, why not add a fun scarf to match the earrings?

Photo from brand website. 

Photo from brand website. 
How fun are those earrings? The top is a colorful chandelier drop and the bottom has an eclectic shape with a pretty pattern and colors within. So perfect paired with your favorite jeans and a crisp white shirt but also beautiful with your favorite sundress.

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love Your Mother!

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! The week is almost over!

Spring is such a happy time...the flowers, the weather, the colors, the bustling festivities. When I think of Spring, I definitely think of my mom and how appreciative I am of her, even if I don't get to see her everyday like I used to. So when Spring rolls around I get very invested in Mother's Day. Plus, I'm sure those of you how have children and are on the receiving end of a thoughtful gift truly reinforces everything there is to love about the holiday. The honest, simple love and appreciation of someone who has been there for you, no matter what... Well okay, except for that one time you got in trouble, because you know, it only happened once...

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and over the weekdays I'll be here, daily, giving you fun ideas for gifts for your mom! Today, I'll start small, because sometimes it's the thought that counts, sometimes the wallet is sad and sometimes you just need a  little something extra to add to a bigger present to fill it out and add some sparkle.

Have you heard of Emi Jays before? The adorable hair ties are magical. I mean it, mag-i-cal. The brand, created by two young girls in L.A named Emi and Jay, created the hair ties because they love fashion and accessories and ended up creating the perfect hair tie. Traditional ties can hurt your hair, leave ugly creases or make you look like you're balding.. No, just me? But Emi Jay never snags, pulls or creases your hair. That paired with the endless color variety and the fact that a portion of the proceeds go to charity makes them the perfect addition to any gift. Plus, they look cute on your arm when you're letting your hair down.

So many colors!

 At our store you can purchase them individually for $2.00 or in packs of 8 for $20.00. We also have big Emi Jay headbands for $5.00 and little hair ties with crystal embellishment for $12.00. So precious!

Another cute addition to any Mother's Day gift are darling beaded bracelets that have been hand crafted by artists in Nepal using little glass beads.  Worn individually they are a delicate addition to any outfit and worn in multiples they are a fun way to make a statement with flare. They aren't heavy and won't weigh you down, which in this Texas heat, is always a plus.

A variety of options- Photo taken from here.
Detail shot-so intricate and lovely.

The bracelets are $11.00 each, so you can get one for every outfit your mother would love!

Also happening at Adelante just in time for Mother's Day is the Farrah B trunk show happening May 11th and 12th from 10 a.m. to 5:30 each day! Farrah Brother's, the designer behind the brand creates individual pieces of art by "giving life to antique and vintage finds." The jewelry is made in America and Farrah makes unique pieces that each radiate an undeniable passion. The designer truly loves what she does and we are so excited to have her in store!

How precious is this necklace? 

See you tomorrow!