Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tips for a Glamourous Graduation

Hello everybody! Now if you're anything like the Adelante team, you don't really need an excuse to engage in some serious shopping...but having an excuse makes it all the better (and justifies the extra lines on your credit card bill, but that's irrelevant) So today's topic of choice? Graduation! It's arrived! For all of you fabulous seniors, it's time to go out with style and say good-bye to your undergraduate life in an outfit that says, "Hello world, I'm now an adult! Look at my cute dress!" 

However, don't think you need to be graduating to engage in materialism! Friends and family of the happy graduates have more than enough reason to go out and get a new rockin' ensemble. You have to look equally stylish to join in on the celebration, and that's where WE come in. 

We've got some great dresses that will keep you cool in the hot Texas weather and keep you cool in other ways. Take a look!

Collective Concepts, $70

Karlie, $108

AaronB, $88

MM Couture, $84

Happy dress shopping everyone! 

- The Adelante Girls

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