Monday, May 7, 2012

Give me MOR

Britney Spears reference? No? Okay. My age is showing... embarrassing. Regardless of the failed pun attempt, you really should check out MOR cosmetics/soaps in store, they are darling. They come in a range of colors and scents. Along with being adorably packaged, they make a fun, creative gift that isn't your everyday Bath & Body Works.

So pretty! 
I love this gift set. The pink, the black, the gold. It smells really good, too! Also, take all those products out (soap, lip balm and lotion I believe) and use that tin to hold your favorite trinkets! Maybe some festive jewelry? Or even a stationary kit? The possibilities are endless. I wouldn't say no if someone gave me a MOR tin.

Honey Nectar candle and precious soap! 

Soaps, lip balms, stationary! 
There are a variety of options for that grad or mom waiting for you! You can create your own gift set by picking and choosing the scents and kinds of products that will be perfect for your person. Come in to Adelante and we can even gift wrap it for you, topping it with colorful ribbon and festive flowers, perfect for Spring!

Happy Monday!


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