Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meet...Amanda Sterett

Until Mother's Day, I'll be showing you some gifts for mom or anyone else that may have a special day coming up! This includes graduation, wedding showers, a gift for yourself...whatever. Today I'd like to turn everyone's attention to Amanda Sterett, specifically the Amanda Sterett earrings.

Amanda Sterett is a Texas Tech University graduate who worked at Ralph Lauren for several years before taking a wire wrapping class and beginning the work of hand making beautiful jewelry, strongly influenced by color. Her creations are fun, light and definitely a treasure to all who own them. They are special enough to give alone, but small enough to be a piece to center the entire gift around. After all, why not add a fun scarf to match the earrings?

Photo from brand website. 

Photo from brand website. 
How fun are those earrings? The top is a colorful chandelier drop and the bottom has an eclectic shape with a pretty pattern and colors within. So perfect paired with your favorite jeans and a crisp white shirt but also beautiful with your favorite sundress.

Happy Thursday!


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