Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Night Date Night

It's Friday! You made it through the week! And as a reward for such, you deserve to go out tonight. So grab your man and head out to one of Austin's hotspots. Unsure of where to go? Try a great burger joint, maybe Hopdoddy's or Cover 3. Dinner not your thing? Just go walk up and down South Congress, the views alone make for a great place to date. For your date try something casual, but still cute. Put together, but not like you tried so hard. For example:

Adelante's own creation. 
See? How adorable. The fun orange color is a great pop of color, after all, it's a date, keep things fun! The turquoise necklace is a perfect accent. Keep that in mind, turquoise is a great staple item to compliment many colors. Then, pair the top with a great pair of khaki trouser shorts. They'll be comfy and show off some leg. :) Wave your hair, maybe add a braid and then strap on those incredible tan wedges you have and go have some fun! After all, it's Friday!

-The Adelante Girls

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