Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Perfect Home Accessory

At Adelante, it's obvious we love clothes. But have you checked out our sweet home collection? I know we touched base last week with some pretty rad pillows, but beyond that, what's another way to spruce up a room you ask?---Lamps.

Lamps are a quick and easy way to greatly transform the appearance of any room. Adding color, balance, shape and texture are some of the many ways a lamp can accessorize your room!

Check out this fabulous lamp that we are currently loving in a perfectly modern meets festive pairing:

So darling! 

This lamp will brighten any room and make sure to bring a smile to your face everyday! After all, who doesn't love rainbow embroidery? I mean...really??

-The Adelante Girls


  1. I LOVE this lamp! From the colors to the shape, I would love a piece like this in my apartment. Will definitely stop by next time I am downtown!

  2. It is $735! Thanks so much for commenting! Hope to see you in the store! We have so many fun lamps in various price ranges, it's definitely worth a drop by:)