Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Off to New York!

Happy Wednesday! I have some exciting news to pick up your week! Tricia will be traveling to New York next week with the Textile and Apparel department of the University of Texas on a once in a lifetime educational adventure!

The UT in NYC program is headed by Mrs. Nancy Prideaux, a professor at UT Austin and due to great networking and amazing opportunities, the group is lead by UT visiting professor and "The Rare Bird of Fashion" herself, Iris Apfel. Iris is very well known and respected in the fashion industry, known for her unique combination of haute couture and costume jewelry.

During their time in New York they will meet with many industry leaders and get a rare chance to have a one on one interaction with powerful influencers of fashion. From design to production to public relations and marketing, the lucky students will get a comprehensive look at what it means to be in fashion.

The Rare Bird herself. Photo from here
Every year the program grows and the experiences become more unbelievable and special. Check out this video from a past UT in NYC to get a taste for what Tricia will have the pleasure of experiencing.

We are very excited for Tricia and can not wait to update y'all on how her trip went! Be looking for updates and recaps!

-The Adelante Girls

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