Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For the Home

So lately I have been talking about personal products for you (or a loved one) but now I'd like to turn the attention to a love of mine...pillows. Yes, pillows. Do you share or even understand why I love pillows so much? They are an easy way to add some much needed flare to that couch/bed/chair of yours without having to go buy new furniture! They can set the mood or make a room more cohesive, simply by adding that extra color or print to tie in the whole room. Not to mention, they are a great accessory when watching a scary movie (or crying from watching The Notebook for the fiftieth time...) 

First up, Trina Turk pillows. I die. They are beautiful. And not only that, but they are really, truly, so comfortable and soft. Perfect for many size seats and other various places of seating.

So many pillows! 
So precious mixed with other shapes! Also, I love this couch. 
See? They fit nicely on a mid-sized couch, there is still room for you know, yourself and a friend, but it doesn't look empty and sad. Have a bigger couch? Get more pillows. Mix and match the patterns for fun flare!

Other than Trina Turk pillows, we have festive fiesta pillows at Adelante! They come in different sizes, as seen above, paired with the Trina Turk pillows, and would look great in a variety of settings. Even on an enclosed outdoor patio with the rad straw furniture and favorite summer cocktail to survive the heat, they would bring such life to the setting.

Fun border detail!

Hippo! Flowers! 
How adorable are these fiesta pillows? I'm obsessed. Now, only a few of the pillows got featured, so make sure you go check out the other prints available, it will be worth it, promise!


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