Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love Your Mother!

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! The week is almost over!

Spring is such a happy time...the flowers, the weather, the colors, the bustling festivities. When I think of Spring, I definitely think of my mom and how appreciative I am of her, even if I don't get to see her everyday like I used to. So when Spring rolls around I get very invested in Mother's Day. Plus, I'm sure those of you how have children and are on the receiving end of a thoughtful gift truly reinforces everything there is to love about the holiday. The honest, simple love and appreciation of someone who has been there for you, no matter what... Well okay, except for that one time you got in trouble, because you know, it only happened once...

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and over the weekdays I'll be here, daily, giving you fun ideas for gifts for your mom! Today, I'll start small, because sometimes it's the thought that counts, sometimes the wallet is sad and sometimes you just need a  little something extra to add to a bigger present to fill it out and add some sparkle.

Have you heard of Emi Jays before? The adorable hair ties are magical. I mean it, mag-i-cal. The brand, created by two young girls in L.A named Emi and Jay, created the hair ties because they love fashion and accessories and ended up creating the perfect hair tie. Traditional ties can hurt your hair, leave ugly creases or make you look like you're balding.. No, just me? But Emi Jay never snags, pulls or creases your hair. That paired with the endless color variety and the fact that a portion of the proceeds go to charity makes them the perfect addition to any gift. Plus, they look cute on your arm when you're letting your hair down.

So many colors!

 At our store you can purchase them individually for $2.00 or in packs of 8 for $20.00. We also have big Emi Jay headbands for $5.00 and little hair ties with crystal embellishment for $12.00. So precious!

Another cute addition to any Mother's Day gift are darling beaded bracelets that have been hand crafted by artists in Nepal using little glass beads.  Worn individually they are a delicate addition to any outfit and worn in multiples they are a fun way to make a statement with flare. They aren't heavy and won't weigh you down, which in this Texas heat, is always a plus.

A variety of options- Photo taken from here.
Detail shot-so intricate and lovely.

The bracelets are $11.00 each, so you can get one for every outfit your mother would love!

Also happening at Adelante just in time for Mother's Day is the Farrah B trunk show happening May 11th and 12th from 10 a.m. to 5:30 each day! Farrah Brother's, the designer behind the brand creates individual pieces of art by "giving life to antique and vintage finds." The jewelry is made in America and Farrah makes unique pieces that each radiate an undeniable passion. The designer truly loves what she does and we are so excited to have her in store!

How precious is this necklace? 

See you tomorrow!


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