Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picking Out Summer Tops

Hello everyone! Hope your Wednesday has been spectacular! I felt the need to do some serious shopping yesterday (which really is a need I feel more often than actually necessary) and I had an epiphany or realization, if you will. Sometimes I just forget about buying cute tops. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love me some cute tops. However I feel like I get so frazzled and consumed trying to find the perfect pair of jeans or shorts that I forget all about my upper half.

So, to save us all from neglecting the region above our torso, here's some cute tops Adelante style

1. Fate teal tops, $48
2. Joy Joy orange/pink top, $99
3. Fate Red Crochet top, $69
4. Flying Tomato yellow lace top, $40

*Also quick announcement to our fabulous Adelante shoppers, we will be having a Memorial Day Sale from May 26-28th! Come in and enjoy an extra 20% off of our sale merchandise!*

Stay stylish everyone!

The Adelante Girls

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